Giới Thiệu về nhân vật Tamako Nobi

Tamako Nobi:


Tamako Nobi (Tammy in the United States and UK airings) is Nobita’s mother, Nobisuke’s wife, and the main antagonist-turned-anti-heroine of the Doraemon series.

She is very serious about Nobita’s test marks, (which are zero most of the time). When she finds out where Nobita hides his examination answer sheets, her punishments involve yelling, reducing his pocket money, cussing him, throwing him out of house and send away (possibly in future), or (rarely) spanking him. Nobita’s mother is also serious about Nobita doing his homework, which he generally never does. She also sends him out on shopping errands, but Nobita usually forgets to buy them after he returns home. Tamako dislikes animals in the house and Nobita is the usual suspect for this when Tamako seems to sense an animal in the house. She sometimes cooperates with Suneo and Gian to punish Nobita and Doraemon.

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